Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red Wings Korean Chicken

Hungry for fried chicken, Adam and I decided to try Red Wings Fried Chicken in the Western Addition/Nopa area of San Francisco which is actually fairly close to our neighborhood. The chicken was amazing, but a little pricey. It tasted like they use mostly thigh meat, as the chicken was super tender.

Although not really wings, a half order of the fried chicken is 8.50 USD, whereas the grilled versions run between 11-15 USD.

Complimentary pickles and radishes are also served at the beginning of the meal and on the side with the fried chicken specials.

1 Large OB beer (enough for two people)
Complimentary pickle and radish
Half order fried chicken
Full order grilled chicken

Total: 38 USD after tax and tip

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