Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flash Summit "Free" Lunch

I am always fascinated by things like subsidized or "free" food. This past week was the annual Game Developer's Conference and I attended the Flash Summit. The lunch box included a bag of Sun Chips, a turkey sandwich with a cranberry relish, 1/4 cup of pasta salad, 1/4 cup of caprese salad that tasted like rancid olive oil, a fuji apple, and a cookie. The food was ok, but I had to remove the top half of the bun on my sandwich because it was so thick. Gross!

Flash Summit sub-par "bento" lunch: included in 175.00 USD ticket to conference, paid by my company


  1. The pasta looks quite decent! Usually lunch boxes here consists of some variant of sandwich, a small pound cake and a plastic carton of very sweet, and very orange orange juice...and that would be it. No healthy stuff like apples and the like.

  2. Ya it def wasn't bad. The apple was great, it was nice to have some fresh fruit with the box.