Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bann Klang Nam: a Thai Family Restaurant

While America has Denny's as its premier family dining restaurant, Thailand has Bann Klang Nam (roughly translated to "House in the Middle of the Water"), and with it's "II" prefix, its a chain which caters to families and small parties.

Serving a range of typical Thai food and some seafood, it also offers a few Japanese sashimi and sushi dishes just in case you wanted something different. The Rama III branch is often jam packed during the weekends, and reservations are necessary to get a table beside the river.

Prices are quite reasonable, and you could easily get a decent meal for two people for under 600 baht (US 16 dollars). In the picture below, we've ordered green curry, fried shrimp patties served with sweet plum sauce, stir fried vegetables as well as Kang Kai Cha Om, or Curry with Scrambled egg. All very typical fare, but filling and good.

Menus are also available in English, and this place has been named one of the best restaurants in Thailand Tatler in 2006, so you can't go wrong. Parking is a bit skimpy, so make sure to arrive early.

Call ahead for reservations: http://www.baanklangnam.net/

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