Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Restaurant at 22-32 Pok Fu Lam Road

The restaurant's exterior sign suggests that all sorts of Chinese dishes are served inside.

The daily set menu: we chose plan-A (the chicken) to go with our $52 fish. 
It seems as if this restaurant does, indeed, serve everything.  Nothing, save for the fish, is priced over $40.  Good value!

One fish and one dinner set sets me and my friend back $89.  

The clear soup that comes with the set meal

This is set meal A in its entirety.  The tea was free, by the way.

Chicken, onion and liver bits

The $52 fish: this guy, according to the waiter, had fewer bones than the other fish on offer.

Fish and Chicken
$52 (fish) and $37 (chicken set meal with rice, vegetable and soup)
22-32 Pok Fu Lam Road

I was scouting this restaurant as a possible venue for an informal gathering that I and my fellow research postgraduate student coordinators were organizing for our constituents.  We had heard about this restaurant from an acquaintance, who, last evening, took me to the restaurant.  We dined together.

I found this venue suitable because there was, even at the peak dinner time between 19:00-21:00, sufficient seating for nine.  (And if not, we could always book, the cashier told me.)  The portions and the price were in the right proportion so as to offer good value. (If we order one fish and one set dish for every two people, that will cost each person only $45 dollars.)  Besides, the venue is within walking distance from campus.  


  1. This maybe one of my favorite posts on here so far. I love that it is titled "The Restaurant..." ... so very Hong Kong, I think most of the places I went I actually had no idea what the name was...

  2. Yeah, I like how it's name also boasts its cuisine selection: small (vegetable) dishes; noodles; (egg) noodles; congee; and rice :)