Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fruit Tree Peach and Apple Juice

Fruit Tree Fresh Peach and Apple Juice
$12.90 (1 liter carton); $21.80/2
Park N' Shop - Des Voex Road Central; Queen's Road West

These days, per my fast, I need juice, and spending $72 per day for a liter of green apple, parsley, spinach and celery juice from Cafe O will fast deplete my income; I need cheaper juice; and I have found it at Park N' Shop.  

I had time this morning to browse the juice selection at two Park N' Shops near my church.  Surprisingly, both sold their juices at the same prices: no price discrimination here.  The International Park N' Shop, however, had a greater selection, and that is where I bought two liters of the Peach and Apple Juice, and I also purchased a liter of carrot juice.

Of the Fruit Tree family of juices, I found the Peach and Apple juice offered the most nutritional value; other juice varieties, and other Fruit Tree flavors contained either too many calories, too much sodium, too much sugar or a combination of the three.  

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