Saturday, January 22, 2011

Excellent Fried Fish Fillets in Thailand

Affordable and good Western food in Thailand is hard to find, and usually you would get one but not the other. This small shop, only known to locals, offers both and provides good food at excellent value.

Fried Fish set with Toast and Salad: 45 baht (1.48 USD)
A plate of french fries: 40 baht (1.00 USD)
On Nut Soi 46, Bangkok, Thailand

At shopping malls or "proper" fish and chip shops or places selling Western food, this could easily go for 150-300 baht. The portions there would be just as equal, and the only benefit is that you get to use a napkin with the shop's name printed on it.

At this particular shop, the food is cheap but good, with large portions. You simply cannot argue with the value it provides. 

Although only known to locals and you would need a car to get there, it's worth the trip. The fish is crispy on the outside but maintains its tender texture and softness in the inside, while the french fries (ordered separately) is also freshly fried and crisp.

An additional piece of fish will only set you back 30 baht, which is excellent value given what you would need to pay anywhere else. They also offer food such as steak and som tum, but it truly shines with the fish.

Even though the shop is non-airconditioned, it is equipped with cool water fans which will keep you cool even during the summer months.

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