Monday, January 3, 2011

Tub Tim Krob: an excellent Thai dessert

Tub Tim Krob, a refreshing Thai dessert served with fresh coconut milk and ice shavings is best savored at this speciality store at Thong Lo in Bangkok.

Tub Tim Krob is basically water chestnuts coated with flour and a bit of red syrup, served with coconut milk and crushed ice. The water chestnuts retain their crunchy insides but when you bite into it, you first feel the soft outside.

It's not too sweet, with the ice helping to reduce the amount of sweetness on the tongue.

The particular store I frequent specifically for tub tim Krob is located in Bangkok at Sukhumvit Soi 38, where they have street stalls open at night. The shop (and it is a shop proper and not a stall) is located around 15 meters into the Soi and is on the right.

Other stalls also sell this dessert, but this shop nails it with the perfect water chestnut texture and the right amount of coconut milk, so that it compliments and not overpowers the water chestnut.

At only 20 baht (USD 0.67), it's a nice refreshing end to a good Thai meal.


  1. Nice to see someone blogging here again. So what is my first new year's resolution? Get blogging again!!! Looks delish. Something like that would put you out at least 3USD here in San Francisco.

  2. Glad to hear that! I'm also trying to revive my blogging habits. I still blog on my personal blog, but the frequency went down in 2010, so for 2011 I wanna rev it up! Would be nice to see some other foods around the world again too, so am looking forward to everyone's else's entries too ^^