Monday, January 31, 2011

Fast Fowl: Quail or the Colonel?

Everyone loves good and FAST chicken, and on a lazy day some will turn to a bucket of the Colonel's Original Recipe. A healthier, but alas pricier, alternative is quail, which I can purchase at the local Russian-owned deli and market. One is about the size of a chicken thigh. I ended up eating two. The best part is that they are pre-marinated and cook up in less than 30 minutes in the oven! The worst part is that we bought 4 (two for me and two for my boyfriend), and that jacks up the price to 12 USD for a meal for two.


So here is a little Price and Health comparison:

Royal Market Quail: 2.99USD each

Guilt factor: not sure, I have no idea if they are organic or cage free
Health factor: high - they were baked, not fried!
Easy factor: high, these cook really quickly and are already marinated for maximum deliciousness

The unhealthier alternative:

Bucket of 6-piece KFC Original Recipe: 11USD

Guilt Factor: HIGH, they say these poor chickens have their beaks snipped off in the factory
Health factor: low, notice the first word of "fried chicken"
Easy factor: extremely high since it is fast food


  1. Me thinks size matters, so I'd go with KFC in spite of the high guilt factor. I'd have to eat four whole quails to fill up, whereas two of Colonel Sander's finest bits of chicken would do the same, for less.

  2. just make a side of rice!!! or pasta!!!

  3. Good idea, these days, going against the grain, I always ask for "more rice" with my orders at the canteen. Perhaps, I could ask for more gristle at KFC :)