Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Make It Yourself: Polenta

In the rural south of the U.S.A, what the Italian's call "polenta" Americans call "cornmeal mush". Which one sounds more appetizing? I picked up a pack of Franch brand "Palenta", the most generic looking stuff I have ever seen, at the local Russian-owned market. For 2.29 USD, this box yields over two cups of dry cornmeal. I cooked it up and let it solidify so I could slice it like the polenta you get in the sausage-shaped packages. I have enough to last for dinner for two for an entire week, and I cooked up about 10 slices already!

One of those sausage shaped packages will set a hungry fellow around 3-4USD depending on the quality.

Was the 70 cents I saved worth the extra 5 minutes I had to stir the stuff and then the 40 minutes I had to wait to let it cool in the fridge? Considering I have at least twice the amount in one of those packages just in leftovers, I think so!

Homemade polenta

Franch "Palenta": 2.29 USD a box!


  1. Isn't "Franch" the Boston way of saying "French"?

    Whoah, I didn't realize you could insert photos into Blogger directly from Flickr. Way to go, Miss Hatton; I'm a gonna do that next time.

  2. I had no idea you didn't know that. Ya I keep all my price of food photos in a separate album so I can easily upload straight from my iPhone.