Monday, January 31, 2011

Victoria Park Flower Market Food

Stinky Tofu ($10)
Traditional Coconut and Candy Wrap ($6)
Victoria Park Flower Market
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The crush at the Victoria Park Flower market wasn't as oppressive as I thought it would be on a Sunday evening.  The intractable crowds mainly stayed in the shopping lanes between the rows of stalls, and at the food corner near the park's toilets, there was ample elbow room to buy and to consume some local delicacies.  My friends and I first tried some traditional coconut and candy wraps, sickly sweet concoctions that went down fast.  On the other hand, we more meticulously savored the stinky tofu.  I tried it for the first time, in fact, and was taken aback not by the stink, which ironically sufficiently defused the closer we approached the tofu stand, but by the grease into which the tofu was dumped and which coated the bag and my hand.  That was pretty disgusting.  Nonetheless, the tofu proved a big hit in my group, three of taking the plunge.  With a bit of sauce, a choice of sweet, or spicy, the tofu verily lit up my palette, and it filled me to boot.  Trying stinky tofu is definitely one experience worth having while in Hong Kong.


  1. Hey woo, I am proud you finally took the plunge. I can grab some stinky tofu around here in SF as well, about a 10 min walk from my house, but for more like a hefty price of at least 50 HKD. I quite like it, but regret never trying it while I was actually in HK.

  2. Wow, I guess SF people think stinky tofu is some delicacy or something. Is it organic stinky tofu? Is there such a thing as that?

    By the way, were you with me and the other ELTAs when we went to the flower market on CNY eve in 2004? Tonight is the seventh anniversary of our experiencing that ::::CRUSH:::

    Miss you!