Monday, February 1, 2010

Simply Life Bread and Wine, IFC

Another encounter at Simply Life.

Loose and I decided to share so we could order a few dishes and still have sufficient space remaining for dessert. We ordered the mushroom linguini with truffles and cream sauce and the kale, pine nuts and cranberry salad which sounded really exotic.

After we placed our order, we were served a few slices of bread on a tray with a small pat of butter. The wholewheat sour dough was chewy and had a slight sour taste which was balanced by the butter.

The salad which came shortly, was tangy, sweet and nutty.

Our mushroom linguini was slightly chewy as it was organic whole wheat pasta. The sauce was light and not too creamy.

After our mains, it was time for dessert, what we were both patiently waiting for. We instantly agreed on the banana pie. There was no question about our choice. Bananpie won over Green tea tiramisu, chocolate semifreddo, ( a posh name for choco tart,I guess) and bread pudding. When the banana pie came, it was more extravagant that we remembered. More chocolate shavings and sprinklings of icing sugar. :)

The Menu

Main course: ~100
Salad: ~70
Dessert: 42


  1. Is this HKD? Did you tip? I would say wow that is quite a bargain for an amazing 4-course meal. I am also really impressed there was a kale and cranberry salad, it sounds very "American Thanksgiving turned cold side dish", I love the idea. Kale is one of my favorite greens, but my absolute fave is Swiss chard, white or red. If I am not mistaken you HK folks are hitting up Simply Life a lot. How long has it been around?

  2. Woah, the prices look quite high...but then again Western food in HK should be around that amount, so I suppose it *is* okay, relatively speaking.

  3. I think the prices are sky high; I was at the Simply Life in Kowloon Tong for lunch this afternoon and paid about $100 for a main course, soup, a drink and dessert -- I would hate to think that this fine eatery jacks prices up for dinner :)

  4. 100 HKD? *shivers*....I'd never pay THAT much for a one person meal - maybe for two, but deffo not for one. Unless I was taking a date along, but then again I wouldn't go there :p