Monday, February 8, 2010

Cold Drink: Lucky-Harmonious Peach Froyo Smoothie Saves Education

Harmony Frozen Yogurt in San Carlos, CA. I was interested in the giant ORGANIC lettering on the awning and my otherwise complete inability to figure out what they were actually selling

Thanks to the fact that everyone else who posts on this blog lives in a pretty warm country, I got to seek out a cold drink in February. Even more lucky for me that I live in Northern California where winter in January is around 60F/16C and really sunny! (Wait a sec, 16C in Hong Kong was cold when I lived there!) Anyhow, I couldn't turn down trying to figure out what organic product this ORGANIC ORGANIC ORGANIC place was actually selling when I walked past it the other day while shopping on my lunch break. And hey, I hadn't eaten lunch yet! Lucky for me it was an overpriced smoothie and froyo bar. I decided to grab a peach smoothie with the smallest size being priced at $4.75. I think that is more expensive than Jamba Juice, and there was no protein or energy boost in this frozen peach, 1% milk, and froyo concoction!

Harmony Frozen Yogurt
Peach Smoothie
4.75 USD
My peach smoothie seemed rather small for that price!

My luck persisted and I was happy to note that not only was I forking over almost 5 bucks for 500 calories of not-so-delicious-organice-sludge, I was helping fund suburban schools in one of the nicest neighborhoods along the CalTrain. Good job Harmony, I am sure all the soccer moms buy organic and, thanks to you, you will never mess up the dietary needs of their children when they stop by for an after school snack. Ok ok I am sounding a little mean here, I guess I just would have been happy to pay $3.75 for my smoothie instead.

Apparently what the San Carlos neighborhood property taxes for education don't cover, Harmony makes up for?

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