Monday, February 1, 2010

The Local Cucumber

English Cucumbers: .79 USD
Purchased At: El Grande Market, 2214 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA
Compared to: ~ 1.50 at Safeway Supermarket

My boyfriend and I eat a lot of cucumbers! We eat them by themselves, on a sandwich instead of lettuce, with hummus, in salad, or stirred in rice vinegar, fresh dill and sugar for a quick homemade pickle. We usually buy the kind that is wrapped in a plastic sheath (I would like to think of it as a cucumber condom). These are known as English cucumbers, and are usually the most expensive. We can get them at our local market for very inexpensive. Needless to say I was so appalled the other day when we were shopping at a Safeway in Daly City and I saw the same cucumber for sale for about $1.50.

When we do have to shop at Safeway or any major supermarket, to get various cereal and grain products especially the Oroweat Double Fiber products I do so crave, we make a conscious effort to refrain from buying produce, even though it would save time. The luxury of local produce markets is not prevalent all over the US, and thus Adam and I will continue to frequent El Grande, our local market, and appreciate the low priced produce.

El Grande Market, located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, family owned and run

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