Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Magners Irish Cider

Magners Irish Cider (on ice)
McSorley's Ale House (The Venetian, Macau)

I hadn't seen Magners on this side of the Pacific; and what's more, I hadn't imbibed this delicious cider in a long, long time, my last tipple being several years ago, in an Irish pub in West Orange, New Jersey. Small wonder my eyes lit up at the sight of Magners on the menu of the McSorley's Ale House in the Venetian. My time in Macau was about to become much sweeter.

My friend and I each ordered a bottle, I guessing that the pub would serve the smaller-size bottles to which I had grown accustom in NJ. However, when the bottles -- thick and massive, much like the casino in which they were served -- arrived, I knew I had a lot of drinking to do, since my friend had already consumed some alcohol earlier in the evening and besides, she was driving! I prepared for a triple portion of icy refreshment.

Magners goes down cold, smoothly; the amber nectar has a mild, sweet taste; and I enjoyed every generous sip!


  1. I think that is pretty high for cider, but then again, that is how the world works. I think it is weird that Magners is poured over ice. Why? When you get a Strongbow on draught, it isn't. Why? Anyhow, I get a craving for cider, like, everyday. Its one of my fave drinks, but wow you can't drink too much because of the sugar overload.

  2. What's the alcohol content on the cider?

  3. I'm not sure from where that Magners tradition originated; yet, one day, when my friends and I were at the pub, we saw some blokes next to us downing Magners in pint glasses full of ice! The rest was history.

    There were about 2.5 servings in each bottle -- we were served the larger ones -- which was why my friend only had one glass because she would have been rocked, even at the Cider's content of 4.5%, and she had to drive (O_O)