Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue Bottle Coffee: San Francisco's Awesome Bean

Blue Bottle Coffee: 3.00 USD Located in and around SF, this time purchased at the Ferry Building during the Farmer's Market

Blue Bottle uses single serving drip filters, it takes about ten minutes to get your coffee, but it is worth it!

Do you press, drip or percolate? Blue Bottle Coffee makes that choice for you with their single-serve, paper-filter drip process. It is quite the spectacle but well worth the hefty price of $3 and the ten minute wait. Seriously though, who can turn down a beautiful cup of joe made from beans roasted just a day or so earlier on a sunny day at the ferry pier in San Francisco? Clearly Adam could not!

Adam enjoys his Blue Bottle Coffee after waiting for about ten minutes. Blue Bottle offers sugar as well as organic milk and cream to add to your brew however you see fit!


  1. I wish you had taken a video of it! I would be interested to see exactly how that drip process worked ^^

  2. Next time I am there I will and I will update the post, that is a great idea! I have plenty of gadgets these days to take video too.