Sunday, February 21, 2010

Almost 75% Filling, But Not Quite...

Quadratini Bite Size Wafer Cookies: 3.99 USD
Cost of the filling in the cookie: 2.95 USD

I picked up these wafer cookies as a snack for hiking the other day. I bought them from one of the Russian-owned markets in our area. Imported from Italy and Tiramisu flavored, they were insanely super tasty, but the joy of eating them was in knowing that 74% of my cookie was filling. This joy was bittersweet though, as I wondered, with every bite of my bite-sized cookie, where that extra 1% of filling was that could have made it a whole three quarters worth. Maybe humans just can't handle the extra creaminess.

Clearly the Italians aren't trying hard enough, why couldn't they squeeze in that extra 1% of filling?


  1. I LOVE this brand too! But because I know once I open the pack I won't be able to stop eating, I never buy it.. ><

  2. Ya agreed, they are super addictive. You should let us know how much they cost in HK!