Tuesday, January 26, 2010

True Coffee

True Coffee: Thailand’s answer to Starbucks, and More

By Karn G. Bulsuk

Iced Velvet Chocolate: 80 baht/glass

The True Corporation in Thailand does many things. It runs a mobile phone service, fixed line service, broadband internet service, a cable TV service and for some reason, a coffee shop.

True Coffee is a locally developed and managed coffee chain competing directly with Starbucks. The interior is plush, comfortable and modern, while it does more than just coffee and iced chocolate. They also offer internet services, through both wireless and internet workstations where people check their email and play online games. They also even have print services, where you can make cute photo books and photo montages, among other things.

It ups Starbucks because it is the place to hang out, and it offers more cool services than Starbucks does.

I was there one evening with a friend, and we just hung around talking over a cup of iced velvet chocolate (80 baht). It’s expensive compared to local wages, where lunch is often 25-30 baht only. All coffee and drinks are around that price range, and it is obvious that True Coffee is truly targeted towards the affluent middle classes.

The chocolate itself was rich and sprayed with a generous portion of whipped cream, but there wasn’t anything particularly unique about it. If anything, it felt like we were paying more for the décor than the drinks.

Despite the prices, it’s a really nice play to hang out so I’ll certainly be heading there again with friends.


  1. Interesting concept - printing service for photo books at a cafe! How was your iced chocolate?

  2. It was okay...I didn't feel it was special. If anything I think it's overpriced considering that I *could* make it myself, sans whipped cream but you pay for the location and atmosphere after all.