Friday, January 22, 2010


As per usual, my Friday burger ritual continued in celebration of the week's end. The week had been full of anxiety and stress and I really needed the assuaged of a juicy burger and a good friend.

We had dinner at Burgeroom in Causeway Bay. It was my second time there. I was appealed by the joint's unique ingredients such as softshell crab burger, chicken and duck breast burger, foigrais burger and lobster burger to name a few.

I decided sample the classic offerings before venturing to the Avant Garde. Last time, I had the Portabello burger of which the mushroom bursted with fragrance and flavour. This time I chose the Chili Beef Burger, which had a chili coleslaw with the patty. This gave the burger a spicy flavour which I liked, being a fan of the spices.

Fran had the mushroom beef burger, and judging from the number of crumbs on her face. I think she really enjoyed.

We also had a serving of wedges, which were delivered to us hot and crunchy. After I finished my burger I continued to attack the wedges with a vegeance, my excuse was I was on a mission to carbo load for an event on Sunday, which is always a good excuse.

Price: Burgers = 60HKD, comparable with other gourmet joints, Wedges = 22HKD, good bargain for the serving size

Value: I walked out FULL.


  1. Holy COW, literally, I can't believe it was only 60HKD! Where is this beef from? Is it grass fed? Please do tell!

  2. 60HKD is considered to be standard here. I'm not sure where the beef is from but it was definitely filling with the patty thickness! No indication as to whether its grass-fed. I probably can't tell either. :P

  3. Ya same here, ~8-10 USD for a burger, but I remember paying so much more when I was in HK. Grass vs. corn fed beef is the latest hype here in the US. Corn farming is subsidized here, so it is sort of a political issue too. I assume Japanese Kobe beef is grass-fed. Unfortunately, I know very little about my meats!