Sunday, January 3, 2010

Simply Life - Encounter #3

Highlight of the day was brunch at Simply Life with Loose. I was ravenous by the time I got there so I was ready to consume in copious amounts. Loose had also reserved her stomach for the late brunch at 2pm.

After settling down, I ordered the English Big Breakfast as I was instantly drawn to the combination of scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes with toast. Loose ordered the Oxtail risotto, the healthier option. Shame on you, pooh.

The meal came with a pumpkin soup for starters. The soup was smooth and creamy and tasted of real pumpkin puree. It came with a chunk of farm bread which was soft and crusty for dipping. It was definitely a good start to the meal.

However, for my English Big Breakfast, did not follow suit. Here are the items on my plate:
2 slices of cheese bread. Very soft and pillowy. (which I slathered with butter)
A slab of scrambled eggs- RUBBERY. Colour was also a bit off. Even salt and pepper couldn't rescue it. I was very upset because I ordered the dish specially for the scrambled eggs, one of my favourite items when done well! Very upset.

Other items included: baked beans (which tasted like normal BBs),
bacon- burnt and tough,
sausages (normal),
grilled mushrooms (burnt, rubbery and lacking flavour) and
a slice of grilled tomato.

What an anticlimax to a great soup starter!

Loose had the Oxtail risotto which had ingredients such as spinach, tomatoes, onions and beef in it.

We couldn't leave without dessert. Afterall, baked goods was the cafe's specialty. To round off the meal, we had a half a cheesecake and a small square of walnut brownie. The cheesecake was smooth and soft but walnut brownie was a tad dry.

And finally the coffee.


  1. Hi Wynnie

    Try this recepie for scrambled eggs:

    Two eggs, mix in with a bit of full cream milk. A dash of salt and pepper, and if you want something more hearty, try adding in some cheese. Mix it well. Put butter into pan, let it heat up then put in egg mixture, all the while pushing it back and forth to prevent the cheese from burining. Voila! :)

    When I make pumpkin soup, my mom's secret is to add a potato to the mix, as it provides more flavour and a thicker texture ^^

  2. I can make a better scramble than what they offer. What I usually add is low-fat milk with 2 eggs and a bit of salt. But usually low-fat doesn't give a creamy effect. I'll try full cream next time with butter! LOL... who cares about fatness anyway..

    I don't really make soup, except when its out of a can, so unless its pumpkin puree+ full cream = pumpkin soup, I really have no clue!

  3. Making pumpkin soup is quite easy, although time consuming.

    First, get a pumpkin and remove the skin and seeds. Slice it up into chunks and place it into soiling water. Add some salt to help increase the boiling temperature. Do the same for one potato. When soft, take it out and put it into a blender. Add pepper, butter and full cream milk, with salt to taste. Add italian seasoning for a bit of extra flavouring, and there you have it! Quite easy, and certified organic ^_^

  4. Hey, I had lunch at the Simply Life in Kowloon Tong today. While the service wasn't very good -- they forgotten that I had ordered dessert; nor did they remember to ask us for our drink orders -- the food was, as usual, excellent.

  5. I wouldn't recommend the big breakfast because of the charred/burnt items, unless you like burnt food. I'm not a fan of carcinogens. WIll try the burger there next time

  6. I like making pumpkin soup too, you can also use a butternut squash, or Japanese pumpkin. If you have an immersion blender it is safer, or let the soup cool a little before you blend. I usually spice mine with a ton of coriander powder and then cilantro (coriander leaves) at the end. I usually use carrot for the same reasons you all use potato. You can leave out the milk if you want, and then I eat mine with yogurt, perhaps more healthy than whole milk? Anyhow, this post makes me want to go somewhere and get an English breakfast somewhere around town.