Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bitter Endless?

The Bitter End
located in San Francisco's Inner Richmond at 6th Ave and Clement St.
Steak and Mushroom Pie: 9.50 USD

There is one thing that is true about eating food in Amerca: HUGE PORTIONS! Most of the time I just wish that the portions were a little smaller and the cost a few dollars less, other times I just take half home in the "doggy bag" and occasionally, I am so ravenous that I can actually eat nearly everything on my plate. Thus was the case just the other day. After an evening of ice skating at the temporary rink set up at Embarcadero Center, Adam (the BF) and I had a hankering for pub fare. While ice skating, we talked about heading over to an English pub style place called The Pig and Whistle that is fairly close to where we live, check out their reviews on Yelp, but it was so packed to the brim without a free table in sight we didn't go. We were pretty bummed at that point, but we ended up finding a similar English style pub not too far down the road.

The place, called The Bitter End, had much fewer people in side, but wow did they have a ton of beers on draught as well as 2-3 ciders on draught at a time. I was pretty impressed and ended up ordering both a Strongbow cider and then a pear cider after that. Their menu was pretty vast with all the usual Enlgish style food. I ordered the steak and mushroom pie. It was hardly a pie at all, instead there was just a crusty biscuit placed directly on top of the stewy steak and mushrooms. On the side were a ton of steak fries and a side of fresh sauteed vegetables. It was pretty impressive and it was only 9.50 USD. The bar atmoshphere was also super nice, a clean place with a friendly staff. I am sure someday we will make it to Pig and Whistle, but Bitter End is much closer to us, the prices can't be beat for the endless amount of food and selections of beers, and the fact there were actually tables to sit at was a huge plus!

Adam approves on the price and the atmosphere!


  1. Happy New Year !!!

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  2. That looks surprisingly good, and the price seems quite decent! I really miss the British pub fare - simple, greasy but good and filling :p

    In Thailand you could get the same thing but it would set you back around the same price or more, which is quite lot if you look proportionally to local wages.

  3. Looks good, Sarah; $9.50 is a good price for a lot of food, so long as it isn't spend on Sbarro, haha; and the beer makes everything taste better^^ -- surprisingly, I didn't have much while I was in the states!