Friday, January 8, 2010

Cafe Coreano

Cafe Coreano, with Combination Waffle
WON 4,500 (coffee)
Beansbins Coffee, Myeongdong, Seoul

I spent a blustery, snowy afternoon inside the Beansbins coffee shop, just off the main thoroughfare in Myeongdong. The lighting was warm, the decor homely and the prices just right for my budget. I tried a cafe coreano and was blown away by its flavor: neither too sweet nor too bitter: in fact, that foamy cup had just the right hints of both! Instantly, I had found my new favorite cup of coffee, in the world.

The next day, I brought my friends to the same shop where this time I ordered a combination waffle to accompany my delicious Coreano. By the time my friends and I had plowed through our food and drinks, we were not only stuffed, but surely satisfied. Beansbins provides the total Korean coffee shop experience, more so than Angel'N'us or the Coffee Bean, what with the Beansbins's ample, commodious seating area and its scrumptious victuals; and, of course, who can forget its affordable, best-in-the-world coffee.


  1. too bad they don't have it in HK.

  2. I like the photography there, especially the coffee with the Mac. There's a reflection on the Mac screen tho - is that a lamp?

  3. Karn, I think it was the ceiling light -- don't recall a lamp there. Definitely check the store out the next time you are in Korea!

    Pacific Coffee and Starbucks can never be compared with the myriad coffee shops in Korea -- PC and SB aren't even on the same level as the Korean chains :)