Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tacos in the Mission: El Toro

El Toro: Mission District, San Francisco
1.85 USD / taco

Every neighborhood in San Francisco has a signature food. The Mission District is noted for amazing Mexican food. Lucky for me, Mexican food is always very affordable, filling, and sometimes even healthy! El Toro is a famous taqueria located at 17th and Valencia. At a buck eighty-five per taco you can't get much better. They also have a great salsa bar (you can see the salsas I chose in the upper right hand corner of the photo) and the side of guacamole I bought was very delicious and super fresh. In the picture above we have carnitas, al pastor, and carne asada meats.


  1. That is a massive portion of guacamole, Sarah; if I were eating that, I would simply take it straight up with a spoon (O_O)

  2. I ate it on the chips, and I shared, and, one of the tacos was for my boyfriend (he had a snack earlier so was less hungry). ^_^

  3. Never had tacos before. It looks quite yummy (except for the spring onions on top). Wow but guacamole with chippies sound nice!!