Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The cafe behind Times Square

Went to a place to meet up with Anna and Mr. S on New Years Eve before she left. Its was packed in Causeway Bay, not the best time to be going out at 5pm as the barriers were already set up. Nevertheless, we had to meet a final time to bid adieu. I had planned on going to Suzuki again but thought we'd try something new.

We went to a modern cafe behind Time Square, the one with full glass windows. I pass this place daily on the bus on my way to work. The decor was modern and stylish, they paid attention to looks, so I assumed the food might be up to par. We sat down on the high seats. A little packed with the three of us, as I was carrying a backpack and Mr. S wasn't exactly a petite-sized male.

Thought it'd be fun to have something to poke at while having a cuppa coffee, so I decided to check out the bites. The offerings looked ok. Well, to be honest a little bit stale in the glass display. I picked the berry tart which had a bit of colour. Berries can't be that bad. Well, in fact, it can!!

The berries were the only edible part of the tart. The sponge cake filling was dry and tasteless and really like a cosmetic sponge. The tart casing was rock hard like hardened papermache. They made an attempt to dress it up with the berries, but unfortunately, it couldn't mask the terrible tart.

Fail. If you go there don't order the food! My latte was ok. Weird coffee art by Mr. S. Looks like a Gorrilla head. Never had latte where I had to add my own expresso into the cup of foamed milk. Weird.

Expresso was ok according to Mr. S.

Price: Can't remember what I paid. I only remembered this encounter now. I think it was around 9X HKD in total. 3X HKD for coffee, 2X juice and 2X for the sponge tart

Value: (not worth it!)


  1. The cup in which the latte was served looks very familiar, as though I had seen it in some other cafe (Pink Salmon or Pokka Cafe, even?); it's stylish, all the same, and ubiquitous.

  2. Thats what I thought as well. I think they got it from IKEA!

  3. Looks like you are paying mostly for the froth art on top of your latte and thus taste suffers, I hope they pay the barista well at this place!

  4. Yeah, that's why I don't order lattes or cappuccinos from Starbucks anymore; most of the stuff in the cup is foam :(