Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ai Ai, this is a Sushi Lie!

All You Can Eat Sushi (but really just two rolls only!): 13.95 USD
Ai Sushi: Richmond District, San Francisco

Ai Sushi was probably the worst experience I have had so far food-wise in San Francisco. They have a big sign outside advertising "All You Can Eat Sushi" but when you get inside, the waitress informs you that the sign is old and now it is just two extra large rolls for 13.95 per person, dine-in only. What a scam, but we tried it anyways. The sushi was pretty bad, the rice didn't seem fresh and the fish meat seemed too chewy, salty, and tasted a little strange. While we were eating, the waitress came by at least five times to remind us what a good deal it was. Why didn't we walk out immediately and go to one of the 20 other Japanese restaurants in our neighborhood? All you can eat should actually be called "all we think you are able to eat." Needless to say I will never go back.

Although the pieces of salmon and the slices of sushi were large, they were not delicious. Quantity did not make up for quality at Ai Sushi.


  1. You're right the presentation doesn't look too good. The ad was a bad sign, good Jap joints are usually more meticulous with everything!

  2. Wynnie that is a good point! A good Japanese place usually has such high attention to detail, I should have realized this place was bad from the get go! Interestingly enough I think this Japanese restaurant was not Japanese owned, which is typical in SF. However, that shouldn't matter, one of the most famous Japanese and Sushi restaurants here is owned by two guys from New Jersey or something, and it was featured on a popular TV show here called No Reservations.

  3. Oh - There's an all you can eat lunch special @ Barracuda on Market St in SF for $13 I think. Sheng thought it was pretty good quality and freshness. They prepare it as you order it, so its not like buffet style all you can eat, and you can pick anything off the lunch sushi menu. Guess the only hitch is that its weekday lunches only.