Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Misocool (K11, TST)

I had lunch today with Kitty at the new coolest place in Town: K11. It's supposedly marketed as the world's First Art Mall. Don't know if I believe this as a fact, but its a good catchline. I pass this place daily and I really dig the vibe.

We went to Misocool for lunch. The name is pretty weird but memorable. We also queued up at the Viet place next door but it happened that we got a seat at Misocool first.

Kitty was so excited about discovering this place that we took photos outside the mall. I haven't taken mall photos since high school. We took photo with the direction board and underneath the digital screen. I love the sky piazza here, so many opportunities for public events.

I ordered a Salmon and Mango Sushi. Kitty ordered the Fried Beef With Rice(炒牛肉飯). As I have an allergic reaction to capsicums (all types: red, green and yellow) I wasn't able to try her dish, but it was reported to be pretty tasty.

I also had a positive response from Kitty on the sushi. The salmon slice was fresh, I chose to deconstruct the roll eating the salmon first. The rest of the roll was refreshing. As usual, I had a mountain of wasabi and shed a few tears during the consumption process.

I probably have room for another roll, but seeing as 2pm had already ticked by we had to creep back into our offices.

52 - Salmon and Mango Sushi
49 - Fried Beef With Rice (炒牛肉飯)

Value: A little expensive for lunch (not a daily affair) - but probably worth it for the nice eating utensils and clean furniture


  1. I think the prices are a little high for lunch too, however sounds like you are paying for both the food and the trendy atmosphere. If you go back to that mall, I would love to hear more about it. Hong Kong mall food is so much better than anything here in the US. I am also always impressed with the quality of Hong Kong food court variety, and the low price. American food courts are full of fast food, grease, and McDonalds.

  2. Yeah, I think it looks pretty expensive too - 52 dollars for gyudon (炒牛肉飯) is quite a bit when you consider you can get the same thing at Yoshinoya Hong Kong for around 18-20 dollars! I guess they're selling the decor - did you notice whether the quality of the ingredients were higher though?

  3. I agree with Sarah: I wasn't really impressed with the food court victuals in the American malls that I visited. The typical fast food fare, it wasn't very appetizing, especially after checking the price -- still feeling a bit burned by Sbarro, haha.