Friday, July 10, 2009

넥타린 (복숭아)

4,000 원
트럭 (명동)

A basketful of nectarines costs 1,000 won less than a basketful of plums; or does that farmer, in whose truck I find all this delicious fruit, set the price by the swarthy visage of his customer?  If the latter is the case, then is it possible to bargain with the dude?

What lends credence to the bargaining idea is the lack of conspicuous price tags on the various items in his truck, as though the fruit in his truck were used cars in a parking lot just waiting for the right price-insensitive customer to walk by.  Indeed, I have seen price tags on other trucks in Seoul, so my suspicions have been raised.  I'm going to consult several of my friends tomorrow on this matter - the investigation continues!

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