Friday, July 10, 2009


1,900 원
Sweet Buns (명동역, 서 울, 한 국)

800 원
GS25 (홍 대, 서 울, 한 국)

GS25 Coffee
Ridiculously Cheap (Was it 350 or 750?)
GS25 (홍 대, 서 울, 한 국)

I've lately been really crawling down the coffee price ladder in Korea. First it was the fixed price cappuccino at Sweet Buns inside the Myeong-dong subway station; then, still not satisfied with a hot cup of joe at a decent price, I switched to the canned stuff, hitting up a GS25 for an 800won can of cold Georgia coffee. At last, unable to stay awake in class, I resorted to one of those mysterious plastic cups in the convenience store, inside of which I found an instant coffee packet and a stirrer. How far have I fallen!?

Trust me: coffee doesn't taste much better the more expensive it becomes; but I guarantee that the less you pay for a cup of joe, the less likely it will taste like a cup of joe! The 350won cup of instant coffee tasted as horrible as if maggots were just shoved down my throat; and what's worse, I still couldn't concentrate in class! So, I've learned to pay enough for at least a can of coffee, if not the authentic, steaming hot stuff made right before your eyes.

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