Thursday, July 16, 2009

토스트 (Toast)

The cart operator browns the bread before slapping an egg in between two slices, topping it with brown sugar (mustard, too, is an option) and spreading some buttery substance on it. She wraps the toast neatly in foil before putting it, along with a napkin, into a black plastic bag. Toast is breakfast on-the-go for a little over $1USD!

토스트 (Toast)
Cart (홍대역 1번)

This toast-maker operates in the mornings just outside HongDae exit 1; and she charges 1,300W for the bare-bones toast, the process of making which is posted above. Surprisingly, however, that isn't even close to a deal because I found a diminutive stall in Myeongdong that sells a more substantial toast for a shocking 1,200W! That the HongDae cart operator, when compared to the stall operator, has reduced costs by skimping on ingredients and operating from a mobile platform leads me to believe that there is significant margin in each piece of toast that she sells.

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