Sunday, May 16, 2010

Plain Congee

Plain Congee (with extra spring onions)
On the corner of Jordan Road and Wai Shing Street, Jordan

After I had left house church one evening, while I was rambling through Jordan on my way to the MTR station, I stopped by a new congee shop and tried their "white," which, for $5, had to be a bargain no matter what my stomach would say.

Unfortunately, the congee was watery and the portion was so meager that, in a flash, I had emptied my bowl. In fact, in the end, I decided that the congee wasn't worth the $5 that I had spent -- beware!

My Sunday morning breakfast: plain congee (with extra spring onions); and peanut butter toast.

Plain Congee (with extra spring onions)
On Des Voex Road Central, near Sheung Wan Exit B

I've been frequenting this place for over a year, and have made it a habit to have breakfast there every Sunday before the 10:00 service. The plain congee is the best in Hong Kong because not only is the portion significantly generous, the congee itself tastes good -- thick; the color of milk; no visible grains -- a product, undoubtedly, of slow cooking over several hours, if not days.

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  1. Nice comparison post. I haven't had congee for a long time, as not many people here like it. I do sometimes make it myself, but it never turns out as good as at restaurants. Do you ever go to the purple place? Ill try to eat congee out at some point and see what the damage is here for a bowl of slow cooked rice.

  2. Thanks, Sarah; and I'm not sure what you mean by the purple place -- is it a restaurant chain?

    I look forward to hearing about your congee hunt. Remember not to pay too much for a bowl of slow cooked rice :)