Thursday, March 25, 2010

Magners Irish Cider: Miss Hatton Wins!

Pint of Magners Cider
Haight-Ashbury SF at Martin Macks Irish Pub

Mr. Woo posted a while back that he imbibed in some Magners cider whilst gallivanting around Macau. Today is the day I rub it in his face that my pint o' deliciousness was 2.50 USD cheaper than his, well, after conversion. Apparently, 60 MOP is roughly 7.51 USD. Wow, that is a high price to pay for a bottle of cider. I was able to pay only 5 USD at a nearby Irish bar in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, called Martin Macks, for a full pint of the stuff (ice apparently not included this time). Ok ok ok, this really isn't fair, but I just love the running theme we have on this blog. Sarah posts expensive Asian dish, Karn/Mr. Woo/Wynnie posts expensive Western dish... do we need to just do a housing swap for a week so we can get our cravings in? I guess the prices would never make up the difference of an expensive plane ticket to the other's country.

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