Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lunchtime Adventure: Curry Up Now Curry Truck

Channa samosa: 4 USD
Veggie and paneer biryani: 4 USD
total: 8 USD

I am really impressed by a curry truck that drives up to the Oracle parking lot and sells a variety of delicious, authentic Indian items at a fairly low price. Called Curry Up Now, the truck parks at Oracle a few times a week and also hits up other locations around the silicon valley.

In Hong Kong there are plenty of food stalls with delicious foods, and we have things like it in the US too, with Curry Up Now being an example. Often times they get deemed "roach coaches" because it is basically a restaurant on wheels that, most likely, barely passes health code standards. To be honest, I thought that Curry Up Now was pretty clean, and the smell emanating from the truck was tantalizing. For that it gets an A+.

I tried to order Channa Bhatura, or what they call "Doubles" but they didn't actually have it despite the item written on the chalk board menu. I thought that was a little frustrating and my co-workers became slightly worried since I was the first to order. They wondered if the truck workers would also tell them they didn't have the items they wanted. It turned out fine though, everyone was able to get what they wanted just fine. Instead of Doubles, I got channa with samosa and a side of biryani all for 8 bucks! I will be hitting this up again for sure. Sorry for the half eaten pic!

I went with some work friends and they really enjoyed their items too. For example, my co-worker asked for his chicken-tikka masala burrito as extra spicy. He said it was perfect, as spicy as he cooks food at home. His burrito was only 6 USD!

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  1. Your meal looks good! It's priced competitively what's more: 6USD will get you the same meal in a Hong Kong mall whereas that same meal, thanks to generous subsidies, costs only 3.50USD at CityU!