Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pineapple Bun at Red A Bakery

Pineapple Buns at Red A Bakery: 3 for 1.45 USD!

I am really impressed with the price and quality of the pineapple buns at Red A Bakery located in the Inner Richmond of San Francisco. They are not only very large, but also buttery, soft, slightly sweet and the topping has that slight crunch a real pineapple bun needs. I haven't had the likes of a pineapple bun for ages, but this bakery/Hawaiian style b-b-q joint hits the spot with not only amazing baked goods that remind me of Hong Kong, but also fresh musubi, pork katsu, and b-b-q plates for very cheap. Red A Bakery's Yelp listing is here. Pineapple buns are certainly a once in a while treat, because according to Wikipedia, they are made with lard. YIKES!


  1. Thanks for the lard tip-off, Sarah; food is scary these days: something, such as a pineapple bun or a bubble tea, might seem innocuous enough, but then you discover that its full of the fats :(

    An unnaturally yellow pineapple bun with a Hawaiian drink, that combination is pretty kinky.

  2. when something is priced 3 for $1.45 it makes it really hard to care about lard. PLUS, that bun looks delicious!