Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fragrant Milk Green Tea

Fragrant milk green tea
$12 (includes an extra $2 for bucketful of black bubbles)
Gong Cha (Prince Edward)

Gong Cha opened a few weeks ago and it, like other bubble tea stands in the area, draws huge crowds, no matter the time of day. I dropped by this morning to treat myself to a post-race bubble green tea.

The Good:
  • A sign of good customer service, the cashier smiled at me while she was idling; it always good to see happy employees. Furthermore, I was able to take photos of the store without anyone yelling at me.
  • The lid is snazzy. Never before have I seen such a vibrant, ornately branded bubble tea plastic covering!
  • The tea was good; and indeed, drinkers have the option to order it with less ice and less sugar.
The Bad:
  1. I had to pay an extra two dollars for bubbles; and I ask myself, why do I have to do that when all the other stands throw those in at the $10 price point?
  2. No chop card
Overall, I can see what the fuss is all about: a brand new shop with excellent branding-cum-aesthetic appeal; good customer service; and undoubtedly fine drinks!


  1. I have yet to find bubble tea here as good as it is in HK. According to my Taiwan buddies, they also say it is pretty hard to find the perfect boba in SF. It is just way too sweat here in the USA. I fear a cavity every time I drink one. Is Gong Cha a franchise from Taiwan?

  2. Hey Sarah,
    Yeah, "Boba" is sweet even when ordered with less sugar; actually, the drink has more fat than sugar in it, my friends have told me, which is why I avoid drinking it too often -- that said, I just bought a Starbucks tumbler so I'm going to be heading over there more frequently.

    I suspect that Gong Cha, like all of the other shops in the Prince Edward area, is a Honky franchise.