Monday, August 17, 2009


Yogurt (Eurotart flavor)

$28 - medium; 1 topping
$35 - large; 2 toppings
Yogurtime (Soho)

Anne and I had just finished our delicious dessert at Berrygood when I suggested that we try out Berrygood's new competitor - that night on full stomachs, even.  She ungrudgingly agreed, so with her blessing we set out to find the place first, since neither of us knew where to find this mythical competitor.  Thankfully, one clever kebab tout later - I suppose foodie news spreads as quickly as the evening revelry in Soho - we had arrived at our destination on Elgin Street.

The interior was capacious - too capacious, Anne remarked.  We settled down on the flimsy plastic chairs to the side, and I went ahead to the counter.  The menu was meager, to say the least, made all the more so with the egregious use of four illuminated panels above the counter, only two of which displayed menu items, in gigantic letters.  I took my strawberry-covered yogurt back to the seating area where Anne and I subsequently resumed our marveling at the austere layout.  At the time, we could no more understand it than commercial suicide:  there was so much unused capacity in such a prime location that, we wondered, it would be impossible to generate the revenue necessary to pay the high rents.  Soon enough, however, seemingly regular customers began flooding into the restaurant and occupying that barren wooden floor as though for a dance with a heaping of yogurt in one hand.  Maybe the business can be sustained, on second thought.

Personally, I preferred the distinct tartness of the Berrygood yogurt to the insipid flavor of the Yogurtime Eurotart, not least for the freshness that Berrygood product insinuates, that sour yogurt is more natural than sweet yogurt, indeed.  Nonetheless, despite the unctuous flavoring of the yogurtime product, I can appreciate why people could become regular customers, especially if they are nearby and need a quick fix everyday:  saving five dollars on a large yogurt is no small feat, and I believe that neither the wallet nor the waistline shall be the worse for it!

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