Monday, August 17, 2009

Taiwan Drink House


White Snow Pearl Milk Tea
$9 (special price)
Taiwan Drink House (Prince Edward)

The third combatant in the Prince Edward Milk Tea Wars presented a formidable product, fitted with an aggressive price point and shielded by excellent customer service.  First of all, despite being deluged by orders, which seems to be the case at all these tea stands, the cashier asked me if I would not only prefer less syrup but also less ice - a new development in my milk tea- drinking experience to which I readily voiced my agreement.  Furthermore, undercutting all competitors in the area by at least $1, the Taiwan Drink House's bargain basement price of $9 for the snow white milk tea, still served in the standard 700cc container, guaranteed value for my money.  The accoutrement for the product was ideal, to be sure, and all that was left to determine in this contest was whether or not the taste would actually deliver the decisive blow to its competitors.

The outcome, a few sips later, had been determined.  The flavor of the milk tea was milder than the rest, and nowhere close to overwhelming.  The confluence of diminutive bits of ice and a generous heaping of white pearls, moreover, gave my molars quite a workout, dividing its attention between the tasks of crunching and chewing.  It was the pearls themselves which at last I found the most gratifying, so delectably sweet were they that they could power the drink, I believe, without the accompaniment of any syrup at all.  I had a winner in my hands, an ingratiating drink that did all it could - successfully - to please.

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