Monday, March 7, 2011

Dusit Thani Greek Salad

The Dusit Thani makes an excellent hearty salad, and their Greek salad is stuffed with so much that it can easily be a fulfilling meal.

By Karn G. Bulsuk

Price: 260 baht (plus 7% VAT and 10% Service Charge)

The Greek Salad here is stuffed with plenty of thick chunks of cheese, in addition to crispy romaine lettuce, bell peppers, pickled olives, red onions and fresh rosy tomatoes. It's served in a fried dough/cracker bowl, which is edible and tastes quite good, and topped off with a hearty vinaigrette.

The salad is an excellent meal on its own, and with pizza, proved to be an excellent end to the day.

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