Friday, February 11, 2011

Sumiyaki Coffee

Scant aroma; and even less acidity: just the way I like it.

The presentation is like that in the menu.
Sumiyaki Coffee
$52.80 ($48 + 10% service charge)
Suzuki Cafe (Vicwood Plaza)

I generally can't tell the difference between good coffee and bad coffee. On this occasion, however, I could taste the difference in acidity between this coffee and others that I have had recently. This coffee was verily mild: no pretentious aroma. Although this coffee is the second most expensive siphon coffee on the menu, (Blue Mountain is the most expensive.) the coffee, I believe, is worth the price because it occupies that coveted low acidity niche on the menu.


  1. wow I think that is a 7 dollar cup of coffee? Once you drink really good coffee, it is hard to go back, there is just nothing that compares. The best coffee I have had in the states was at a place called Cartel in Tempe while I was in grad school. The owner had his own roaster and he flew to Guatemala to personally meet the farmers and purchase the beans. It was fair trade on steroids.

  2. Yeah, now that you pose the price in US dollars, I can more easily feel the pinch in my pocket. I suppose that is why I gave Suzuki even more of my money so that I could buy a membership. With the membership card, I can get one refill each time I visit: so I can get a cup of premium coffee for $3.50, but I have to consume two! I hope my body can take all this caffeine. (I don't think it can.)

    Suzuki is a nice place to study in the mornings: spacious; well-lit; non-intrusive music.