Monday, February 21, 2011

Curry Ramen and Tonkotsu Ramen at Ramen Tei

Ramen Tei, Sukhunvit 33/1 (Japan Town)
Curry Ramen and Tokotsu Ramen
Price: 180 baht (US $5.83)

Ramen Tei is an institution that has been around in Bangkok's Japan Town for as long as memory serves. Targeting the large Japanese expatriate community, they serve authentic an authentic menu of ramen in typically Japanese surroundings.

When stepping into the restaurant, the entire staff will greet you with a hearty "irrashaimase!", while you can choose to be seated at normal tables, at the ramen counter or of course, at the tatami tables.

Their ramen doesn't come cheap though, starting at around 180 baht (US $5.83) for a bowl. Their tonkotsu ramen is excellent:  the soup is hearty and creamy and stays true to its Hakata origins, and one bowl will fill you up. It comes accompanied with the usual condiments, including a few slices of Japanese roasted pork (chashu), cabbage and other vegetables.

Having always come here to have the tonkotsu ramen, I decided to go for the curry ramen. I am quite a big fan of curry, and while living in Japan, I often went around different shops just to sample the different and unique varieties of curry on sale.

The curry ramen is basically ramen soup, with thick curry poured on top. When mixed together, the curry is watered down to the right consistency for ramen. It comes with vegetables and thick chunks of pork.

The flavour is strong and the meat is well marinated. For such as strong tasting food such as curry, its surprising to see that the texture and flavour of the ramen is well maintained.

If you have deep pockets, then Ramen Tei comes highly recommended. For a taste of the Japanese ambiance in the heart of Thailand, watch the short video below.

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