Monday, January 11, 2010

Green Tea Lattes

Next to the Beanbins, to the shop's left, is a Lavazza coffee shop whose name, I believe, was Red Espresso. That's where Sunny and I met.

Sunny and I smile for the camera. We both had green tea lattes.

I was impressed by the high ceilings and glossy, red walls. The store, furthermore, had mood lighting, as we found out when the manager began turning the lights down...

The sign for the toilets -- apparently, these graphic depictions are catching on as I saw these types of humorous signs in the Beansbins shop in Myeongdong!

Green Tea Lattes

Lavazza Coffee Shop (Red Espresso?) (삼각지역 9출구, 서울)

The shop is quiet, and the sofa an seats are comfortable.  It's worth visiting, if only to immerse oneself in a sea of red.  Tip: in general, the tea lattes in Korea are more expensive than the coffee choices on the menu. 


  1. I would have thought vice versa, coffee is the more expensive option. Interesting...

  2. Coffee is still ridiculously expensive in Korea, especially if you want to drink it inside the store -- I think I wrote a post about it during the summer; you can save up to 50% if you take out your coffee in certain high-traffic shops in Seoul.