Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday
New Town Plaza, Shatin

Are these kids really athletes or you kidding me?

Reported by Wynnie

We had dinner with a bunch of endurance athletes at Ruby Tuesday a few weeks back. It wasn't exceptionally expensive as I recall because the only reason why we chose Ruby was because Ibe was a VIP member and had a 50% discount.

They suck you in with this enticing deal. 50 sounds too good to be true, especially at a brand with such reputation for American appetites as well as American prices!

Well, for 12 people to enjoy a pain free meal, it was the only way to make everyone's wallets happy. We are athletes which means we supposedly have a high calorie quota so eating out can never completely satisfy the appetite. Of course, unless there are humongous portions and refills available. Now we're talking. Places like Fat Angelos - unlimited bread basket (just in case you don't walk out carrying your stomach)

The most important thing for a hungry athlete is not quality, but QUANTITY (and efficiency. I need food. FCK! I NEED FOOD NOW.)

Price also plays an important role in this respect. The balance isn't there when quantity is outweighed by quality and pricing. We want value. Good value means affordable abundance of edible food.

Okay: so here are a few samples of what the 12 people ate: I'm ashamed to say that I shared, I had to sacrifice part of my main course for the real part of my meal: the dessert. Thanks to the petites who only had a few bites of these plates, I was able to polish off 1.5 plates of brownie/chocolate lava cake with ice cream.

Guys, what happened to the mushrooms? How come I was only left with leaves by the time the dish reached me.

This was reported to be pretty good. Apparently one of the only things worth ordering from Ruby. Next time I'm going for this one! (had the salmon which is not pictured. That was good too.)

hmm.. a nice juicy steak to replace all those protein particles that you lost on your long run..

Was commented to be a little dry, the brownie, but its made of chocolate, and it has ice cream..

*Its made of chocolate, and it has ice cream.... x 2 - nothing can go wrong.


  1. Goodness! That looks absolutely delicious! I miss the big portions as well as Western food in general, although I suppose I'd have a problem burning off all those calories once I did eat it :p

    How much is food there though? Maybe 150 HKD for an average plate perhaps?

  2. I can't recall the prices but for the burger and steak it was around 200-300.. Lucky we got a 50% discount!!

  3. Awesome post. I didn't remember there being a Ruby Tuesday in Hong Kong, and to be honest, the first time I finally ate at one was only a couple of years ago in Phoenix, AZ. In the US they usually have a salad bar you get free with your entree, not sure if that is the case in HK. A burger at a Ruby Tuesday here shouldn't put you out more than ~100 HKD, but I am sure you paid much more than that. I frequented Dan Ryan's and Outback Steakhouse while living there for my western food fixes, but was always so appalled at the prices. I am glad you got a discount.

  4. I think the only Ruby Tuesday in Hong Kong is in that Shatin mall. And I saw one, in fact, in the Willowbrook mall in New Jersey while I was there (O_O) -- and I had thought that Ruby Tuesday was simply another, clever American-themed, Hong Kong-base creation like Dan Ryan's.