Friday, December 11, 2009

Katsu Curry in Bangkok - authentic and tasty

Authentic Katsu Curry can be found in the heart of Bangkok at a very reasonable price.

By Karn G. Bulsuk

Katsu curry: 130 baht ($3.92 USD)
Bottle of water: 10 baht ($0.30 USD)

Because of the number of Japanese expatriates living in Thailand, there are a wide range of Japanese restaurants and bars. Some catered to the Thais with the taste modified accordingly, while many still cook precisely to discriminating Japanese standards.

There is a Japanese curry store which I eat at regularly located in Central World, a large major department store. The taste of their curry is certainly Japanese while the toppings are also equally tasty and authentic.

Their signature dish is the katsu curry, or curry with rice with deep fried pork cutlet. In general, the flavor is alright, although I find the katsu too crispy for my taste. The best katsu I have had was in Kagoshima, where black pork was used. It was thickly sliced and fried so that the juices were sealed in, but the meat inside was still soft and firm. A bite into the cutlet starts out with a deliciously moist but crunchy exterior, bread crumbed and fried to perfection.

Nevertheless, it only costs 130 baht (3.92 dollars) while a bottle of water goes for 10 baht (0.30 USD). There are a range of other possible combinations, such as adding hamburger patties, cheese, toriage (bite-sized deep fried chicken pieces) and even natto, fermented Japanese soy-beans.

The price is reasonable and it provides an authentic Japanese experience in the middle of Bangkok.

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