Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pearl Milk Green Tea

Pearl milk green tea
Taiwan Drink House (Prince Edward)

The last thing to do this evening is to recount how customer service at the Taiwan Drink House - the vendor that had already won me over with its delectable $9HKD snow white milk tea - burnished its reputation all the more in my heart; for as I had egregiously blundered, so a staff member at the house naturally saw an opening to make a difference, that positive differentiation being a champion in the hyper-competitive market for pearl milk tea in Prince Edward.

Admittedly, I don't puncture vacuum-sealed lids well. So true to form, on my first attempt to use the pointed end of my neon pink straw to create an aperture, I only met failure - the tip of the straw crumpled against the rock-hard surface of the lid. A few more futile jabs later, I decided to switch tactics, and flipped the straw around, employing the circular end of the straw for some battering ram action. It had to work, I thought to myself.

Indeed, it did - too well, in fact. The straw punched through the taut plastic covering so well, and with such vigor that it blasted straight through the side of the cup! Milk tea began bursting forth from the cup as though from a broken dam, quickly covering and flooding the counter. I had an O Jeui2 (:-O) moment.

Thankfully, that mild-mannered cashier who had taken my order called out to his colleagues, ordering them to clean the mess with much rapidity. He also chipped in with his wet rag, sopping up the creamy mess which had begun to drip onto the floor. Furthermore, and this is what really surprised me, he told me that they would make another one for me, and to prove it, he shouted to the staff in the back to fix up another pearl milk green tea. This benevolent act verily impressed me, this calculated, charitable customer service, especially in the wake of my unbelievable ordeal at the R:FM2 store this week (details on that forthcoming). The Taiwan Drink House, I conclude boldly, not only offers great tea at the right price, it also employs people who care about and have the audacity to create an excellent customer experience!

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  1. I also have a hard time with the vacuum lids. SF has a chain here called Quickly, or 快可立。 It is great, but the cost of a milk tea is more around 32 HKD, which is pretty steep. I have a soft spot for black balls swimming in what is essentially sugar water, so I will have to document and post next time I head over. There is one just a couple blocks down the street. Hrmm, I see a Quickly trip in the very near future!