Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Bubble Tea

Venti-class plastic cup
Menu-cum-chop card
Bubble tea
Little Egg (Prince Edward)

I tried another bubble tea place in Prince Edward last night, this one being right behind exit B2, next to the Ireland Potato. A venti-class pearl milk tea costs two dollars more at this vendor, but I think the price increase is warranted as I found, compared to the $10 Tea place, less ice and more precious, ebony pearls in my drink. Besides, I could actually consume those big, globular pearls through my straw this time, whereas in my previous experience at that other stand, the pearls were left to rot at the bottom of my cup because there was too much ice, and I was given such a narrow straw. I'll see if there is any additional improvement in my drinking experience at the next stop on my bubble tea tour.

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