Saturday, July 4, 2009

홍 대 의 커피

1,900 원 (포 장); 4,500 원 (dine in)
Coffee Brown (홍 대, 서 울, 한 국)

Coffee, it seems, is a national drink of Korea; and the schemes to price it have blown me away.  While walking in Hong Dae today, I noticed a multitude of coffee shops, most of which can be found on second floors; and when I went inside one to check out the menu, I winced at the exorbitant charges for a cup of Joe; prices that are outrageous in Hong Kong, even.  Then I went back out and found a Coffee Brown kiosk, where cappuccino could be bought at a reasonable 1,900 won; and thinking that I could find a seat on the second floor, where they have a cafe, I marched up the stairs, only to find out that dining in - ordering a cappuccino ten feet from the ground - more than doubles the price of the product - whoah! (O_O)  I descended from the cafe area and bought my coffee on the ground.  It appears that at least in Hong Dae, sitting inside commands a ridiculous premium; and if you are willing to consume outside, in an environment that doesn't guarantee a comfortable seat, you can save quite a lot of change!


  1. CON YOU CONVERT TO HKD?? i can't be bothered to look up.

  2. Its nothing unusual - in France (and possibily in continental European countries where a coffee culture exists) there are also multiple pricing systems depending on where you choose to sit and sip the brew, and the differences can be quite significant as well.

  3. Yeah, I guess I'm not used to this as coffee providers don't discriminate in this manner in the US and in Hong Kong.